The warehouse is at the centre of your business. It’s the key hub through which nearly everything in your business must pass – from raw materials and finished goods in a manufacturing plant, to pallets and cases in a distribution centre, to a wealth of products in a retail warehouse. But in today’s highly competitive markets, there’s something even more important that’s dependent on more efficient warehouse operations: customer satisfaction.
What is it that your customers want from your warehouse and logistics operations? Accurate, on-time and flawless fulfilment. Every time

Mobility as catalyst
Today’s forward-looking warehouse and logistics professionals are using wireless and mobile technology as the catalyst for driving flawless fulfilment. 

When mobility is extended throughout your warehouse, new levels of efficiency, accuracy and visibility can be achieved. Ponderous paper processes are replaced by real-time computerised forms on mobile computers. Barcode scanning, including 1D and 2D, enables checking and double-checking that the right items are being picked, packed and shipped. RFID provides automatic tracking of materials and assets without human intervention. You can move from automation in a single process to a broad integration of the latest technologies across all of your warehouse processes

Enterprise Asset Intelligence

If assets are tracked, not just in the warehouse but throughout the supply chain then an even greater level of efficiency, accuracy and quality can be gained. By capturing data and turning it into actionable Insight through ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) solutions and cloud technology, companies gain Enterprise Asset IntelligenceTM – resulting in more informed decision making and more efficient and accurate performance

The right devices
In the past, warehouse operations tended to look at mobile devices as one-size-fits-all. That’s no longer the case. 

Today, with the proliferation of smarter, more productive mobile devices, the goal is to make sure employees are using the right device for the right task. 

Fixed and mobile printers enable assets and inventory to be efficiently tracked. 

Powerful, rugged single and multi-modal devices provide functionalities – from scanning to tag reading to voice picking and more – in a variety of form factors such as hand-held, vehicle-mounted, wearable and hands-free mobile units. 

Multi-modal technology is rising in importance, providing users with the ability to perform multiple tasks on one device; 

for example, units that combine scanning, voice and text, with the option of using voice-only, text-only or combination voice and text for input

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