Welcome to Sky Cybernet Indonesia PT.

PT Sky Cybernet Indonesia is a privately held company, focused on delivering a broad range of mobile solutions application and services.  Backed up by professionals with more than 15 years of experience and partnership with worldwide leader such as Motorola, Zebra and IBM, we help our customer to transform their organizations – first by designing innovative business processes then by integrating advance technologies into visionary roadmaps that address our customer concerns. 


Getting the best from mobility solutions

The merits of mobility are compelling. Real-time access to intelligence can radically change the way companies do business, respond to customers and get an edge over competitors. With

mobile applications, you can increase productivity in almost any department across your enterprise.  

Meanwhile, implementation of mobility solutions requires companies to build capability and strategy to orchestrate many different components including devices, networks, applications and

services as well as the middleware to interface these components. The rapidly changing device and technology landscape has made CXO consider thinking, strategizing and building an

enterprise mobility strategy and roadmap before making any technology investment. 

A right strategy not only provides strategic advantage to organizations considering implementing mobility but also helps them in optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of mobile



Take Your Business To The Next Level We offer various business models to clients including Software as a Service model (SaaS), Build and transfer model or just acts as consultants and software development partners. Whichever model you choose, we offer the highest quality of services and integrity in all our business dealings.

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