BisnisKu ERP+CRM

BisnisKu ERP+CRM

Why BisnisKu ERP+CRM is Your Best Choice?


Seamless Integration: Unify all aspects of your business in one platform. From customer management to material management, we ensure everything runs smoothly.

📊 Real-Time Data Analytics: Get instant insights into your business performance with real-time data analytics. Make timely and informed decisions.

🌐 Access Anywhere: Managing your business from anywhere? Absolutely! BisnisKu ERP+CRM is accessible online, allowing you to control your business at your fingertips.

📈 Optimize Business Processes: Streamline operations by automating critical business processes. Enhance productivity and efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

💬 Unlimited Communication and Collaboration: Boost communication and team collaboration. Everyone stays connected and works together to achieve common goals.

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Product Description

Nurture Customer Relationships with BisnisKu ERP+CRM:

Your customers are at the heart of your business, and BisnisKu ERP+CRM ensures they stay there. With a comprehensive view of customer interactions and preferences, this solution empowers you to personalize every touchpoint, build lasting relationships, and drive unparalleled customer satisfaction. From lead management to after-sales support, our CRM solution enables you to anticipate customer needs, deliver exceptional experiences, and foster brand loyalty. With our solution, watch your customer base grow as you solidify your position as a customer-centric industry leader.

Accelerate Your Software Adoption with the Convenient SaaS Approach

One way to deliver BisnisKu ERP+CRM is through SaaS (Software as a Service). SaaS is a cloud-based delivery model where a software application is hosted by us and made available to customers over the internet. SaaS offers many benefits compared to traditional on-premises software or license-based models, such as lower upfront costs, easier maintenance and updates, and more flexibility.


CRM and Sales

Prospects & customers, Opportunities, Proposal, Sales Orders, Contracts


Users, Expense Reports, Leave request, Timesheets, Recruitment


Billing & Payments,Tax, Margins, Bank,
Cash, Double Entry Accounting

Product & Stock

Products & Services, Variants, Lot, Stocks, Purchase Orders, Shipments


Manufacturing Orders, Bill Of Material

Reports & Widgets

Dashboard, Journal, Turnover, Statistics, Income/Expense, Alerts, WhatsApp


Point of Sale, Receipt Printers


Projects, Tasks, Visits, Agenda, WYSIWYG Editor, Knowledge Management